CEIPI/WIPO/INPI advanced training course on intellectual property, technology transfer and licensing

Please note that the CEIPI/WIPO/INPI Advanced Seminar on Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and Licensing will not be held in 2024.
We look forward to seeing you in 2025!


The CEIPI/WIPO/INPI Advanced Training Course on Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and Licensing took place from 12 to 23 June 2023. The training was offered for one week online (12-16 June) and one week in-person (at CEIPI’s facilities in Strasbourg, France) (19-23 June).

The programme and the timetables have been adapted to encourage networking between participants and to cover a wide range of time zones, using Central European Time (CET) as a reference.

This advanced training course has been jointly organised since 1978 by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) and the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). The current programme is a continuation of previous editions, focusing on the fundamental and contemporary legal and economic issues surrounding technologies and their transfer.

The seminar is particularly aimed at technology transfer professionals, including officials from university technology transfer offices, national and regional intellectual property offices and ministries of science and technology. With an integrated and practical approach, this course will also be of interest to lawyers and economists. 

Participants can thus benefit from the expertise of specialists from various international organisations, renowned research institutes and universities, and professionals from the private sector, as well as from exchanges with their counterparts from all over the world. The programme's relevance to developed countries, emerging and developing economies makes it a unique forum for exchanging experiences and sharing opportunities.

Download the provisional 2023 program.

You can download below the programs of previous editions.

Intended audience

The technology transfer professionals involved are staff members of the:

  • specialised research and development departments of research centres and university laboratories;
  • public technology transfer bodies;
  • national intellectual property offices;
  • private companies specialising in technology transfer;
  • as well as independent professionals.

Language of training



Basic knowledge of intellectual property law and technology transfer.

Teaching objectives

The aim of this training is to deepen and update knowledge in the field of technology transfer.

Acquired knowledge

At the end of the course, participants will have acquired new knowledge about:

  • the different mechanisms of technology transfer and intellectual property management;
  • the practices of organisation and negotiation of licences;
  • the specificities of technology transfer in the medical field.


The content of the advanced seminar is determined by its pedagogical objectives and the skills to be acquired. Each year's programme is modified in part to take into account new practices and knowledge in the field of technology transfer.

The courses will include in particular

  • the role of intellectual property in technology transfer ;
  • the management of intellectual property assets and licensing ;
  • public-private cooperation in technology transfer;
  • specificities of technology transfer for public research centres, SMEs and large enterprises ;
  • specificities of technology transfer in the medical field ;
  • international technology transfer, international intellectual property law and development ;
  • the negotiation and drafting of licensing agreements in the field of technology transfer ;
  • open innovation and intellectual property ;
  • the operation of technology transfer institutions;
  • case studies / sharing of success stories.

Programs of previous editions

You can download below the programmes of the CEIPI/WIPO/INPI Advanced Training Courses which were held the past years.


The courses are given by technology transfer experts and practitioners from different countries.

Teaching methods

Presentations, discussions and exchange of experiences, case studies, group work

Course materials

The course materials are shared via the Seafile platform dedicated to training.

Nature and recognition of the training

This training constitutes an action of adaptation and development of skills.

At the end of the two-week course, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by the CEIPI. Note that obtaining a Certificate will be conditional upon attendance of all sessions taking place during both weeks of the training

Registration fees

Full package (2 weeks) : 1300 €

  • The 1st week (12 to 16 June 2023)

  • The 2nd week (19 to 23 June 2023)

First week only :  850 €.


The deadline for enrolments is 1st June 2023.

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