Founded in 1963, the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI), which is part of the University of Strasbourg, is one of the most renowned centers for education and research in intellectual property (IP) at the international level. Through its diversified and dynamic offer, it trains specialists in the various professions of intellectual property, innovation and related disciplines. A wide range of diplomas as well as trainings for professional qualification examinations and specific seminars are offered. Finally, the Center carries out an important mission of analysis regarding the evolution of IP through its Research Department "UR 4375-Laboratoire de recherche du CEIPI". The Centre has thus positioned itself as a genuine school of thought, playing the role of interlocutor of decision-makers or public authorities in this field.

CEIPI is a body unique in French universities. It has an Administrative Council whose members represent all the professional industrial property circles in Europe, universities and representatives of national Offices and other bodies.

Missions and goals

Consolidating CEIPI's position as a european and international pole of excellence in intellectual property through education and research

Since its creation, CEIPI has been committed to training intellectual property specialists (engineers from prestigious higher education institutes, holders of scientific university degrees, legal scholars with an L.LM or an equivalent degree, practitioners who wish to broaden their own knowledge) for a whole range of professions in the IP field (French or European patent attorneys, IP experts for companies or clients, specialized attorneys, etc).

CEIPI's French Section (Section française) makes these degree courses available to regular or further education students.

The Center is also in charge of the continuing education of European IP professionals and offers specialized seminars and degree courses, organized by the international Section (section Internationale) of CEIPI.

Last but not least, the Center develops a strong research activity through its Research Department in order to keep up with and stay ahead of all evolutions in intellectual property law.