« Correction of paper » module for papers A, B, C and D


The "correction of paper" module for papers A, B, C and D allows participants to further train themselves to write mock papers in preparation of the EQE. Participants prepare a former EQE paper and send their paper to the CEIPI secretariat. They will get a customized correction of their paper by an experienced CEIPI tutor, together with the CEIPI model solution to that paper.  The module offers them the possibility to complete the series of mock exams organized and corrected in the CEIPI preparation courses, by a specific personalized examination training.

This module allows participants to have a still better idea of their knowledge and competences and to refine their methodology for solving the exam papers. The customized correction of their paper will help them to efficiently choose among the CEIPI preparation courses for the EQE.

The module is offered in the three official languages of the EPO : English, German and French. Candidates can submit the following papers : A 2017, B 2017, C 2019, D1 2021 adapted and D2 2015 adapted. For each of these papers, participants choose one submission date among 4 possible dates before the EQE 2025: 2 September 2024, 1st October 2024, 2 December 2024 and 21 February 2025.



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