Andreas DILG appointed Director of the International section of the CEIPI

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CEIPI is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Andreas Dilg as the new Director of its International Section, succeeding Mr Thierry Debled.

 We would like to express our deep gratitude to Thierry Debled for his unwavering commitment to CEIPI's International Section for almost 30 years.

Mr Thierry Debled began his career as a tutor in 1995, making a continuous high-level contribution to CEIPI's training in European patent law and the preparation of the European qualifying examination (EQE). Appointed Director of the International Section in 2012, he has played a crucial role in various major projects, including the Candidate Support Project and the Euro-CEIPI cooperation with the European Patent Office. He actively contributed to maintain the training offer of the International section during the pandemic, and always managed to unite a huge team of tutors of various nationalities and backgrounds. After 12 years of dedicated service as Director, Mr Debled has decided to retire from the position, although he will continue to coordinate the basic training courses in European patent law.

 Mr Debled is passing on the baton to Mr Andreas Dilg, European patent attorney and partner at DHS in Munich, as the new Director of the International Section.

Mr Dilg has been a CEIPI tutor for papers AB and C exams of the EQE for several years. In 2012, he was appointed coordinator of the training courses for the preliminary examination, and then, last November, for the CEIPI courses preparing for paper C.

Throughout his career, Mr Dilg has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the training and skills development of our candidates. His experience and strategic vision will be invaluable assets to maintain, adapt and further develop the activity of our International section in preparation of the big challenges it will face in the years to come.

Welcome to Andreas, from the CEIPI team !