"Mock exam"courses for papers A+B, C and D distance learning

The "Mock exam" courses preparing for papers A+B, C and D of the EQE 2025 aim at  putting candidates under the conditions of the e-EQE and will exclusively be organized online.


The CEIPI offers a further opportunity to candidates wishing to improve their skills in respect of papers A+B, C and D. To that end, so-called "mock exam" courses for German-, English- and French-speaking candidates will be organized online. In these courses, candidates put themselves under examination conditions and write a full paper A+B, C or D within the same time as available in the examination. They will get a personalized feedback from the tutor on the paper(s) on the work delivered by them, completed by a discussion of the paper during the plenary session. These courses are offered in English, German and French language.

The "mock exam" courses are held online. For German- and English-speaking candidates, they take place according to the following schedule:

  •   A + B: mock examination ; plenary session on February 04 (afternoon), 2025
  •    C: mock examination ; plenary session on February 05 (morning), 2025
  •    D: mock examination ; plenary session on February 12, 2025


Applications to CEIPI will be treated on a first come, first served basis. If the courses are oversubscribed, names will be put on a waiting list.

The deadline for enrolment is 10 January 2025.

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