Many thesis are defended at the CEIPI's Research Department.

See the list of theses defended at CEIPI since 2008.

Born from the observation of the immense interest for the practitioners to consult the theses within the framework of their practice and to a deep implication of the partners to support the research and to contribute to the knowledge and to the diffusion of the French doctrine, CEIPI created these last years two thesis prizes:

Thesis defences

Under the supervision of Yann Basire Associate Professor at CEIPI, University of Strasbourg, Director General of the CEIPI and Director of the French Section of the CEIPI:

  • Morality in trademark law: Chloé Piedoie
  • Intellectual property, protection of traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions: Maëlle Sengel
  • Sectorial analysis of patent system : does one size fit all ?: Girish Somawarpet Nagraj (co-director Manuel Desantes, University of Alicante)

Under the supervision of Adrien Bouvel, Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg:

  • Les juridictions spécialisées en propriété intellectuelle: Linhua Lu

Under the supervision of Stéphanie Carre, Associate Professor at CEIPI:

  • La Copie privée : entre le Juste et l'Utile, le Commun: Bérénice Ferrand
  • La neutralité technologique en propriété littéraire et artistique: Philippe Menié M'essono
  • L'art contemporain et le droit français: Philippe-Alexandre Pierre

Under the supervision of Christophe Geiger, Professor at the University of Strasbourg:

  • The legal protection of trade secrets in the US and in Europe: Luc Desaunettes  (co-director Reto M. Hilty, Professor at the University Ludwig Maximilian, Muenchen (LMU) and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Muenchen)
  • The role of human rights and intellectual property standards in shaping obligations of Internet intermediaries under the EU legal framework: Khrystyna Fedunyshyn  (co-director Giancarlo Frosio, Professor at the Queen's University of Belfast)
  • National or supranational courts as European decision-making institutions for cross-border IP enforcement : Gerhardus Hartman (co-director Guido Westkamp, Professor at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London)
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights and global trade: Anastasiia Kyrylenko (co-director Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella, University of Alicante)
  • Le contentieux des brevets en Europe à la lumière du brevet européen à effet unitaire: Anna Lawrynowicz-Drewek

Under the supervision of Franck Macrez, Associate Professor at CEIPI and Director of the Research Department of the CEIPI

  • La protection des créations par la concurrence déloyale : approche de droit comparé France – Koweït: Ahmad  Aloshaz
  • The regulation of digital confidence as a matter of European sovereignty: Florian de Vaulx
  • Regional protection of intellectual property rights: thinking of a system for the Arab League: Julie Dagher
  • The data, object of law: Déborah Hertz
  • The emergence of patent law in the world and the comparison of its evolution in France and Germany according to social, economic and political factors (die Entstehung des Patentrechts in der Welt und der Vergleich seiner Entwicklung in Frankreich und Deutschland nach sozio-ökonomischen und politischen Faktoren) : Gaia Merhej (co-director Ansgar Ohly, University Ludwig Maximilian, Munich)
  • The digital single market and the free flow of data: Gabriela Pantelei
  • Langage science and intellectual property rights: Caroline Paolini
  • Vers un modèle de vérification de la conformité aux obligations juridiques - L’exemple de la cybersécurité: Valentin Schabelman
  • Propriété intellectuelle et développement durable: Romain Soustelle