Main research interests

The members of the CEIPI's Research Department study the fundamental questions raised by intellectual property law. The focus of their research concerns of course traditional aspects of intellectual property: patent law, plant variety laws, trademark law, author's rights and related rights, industrial design law and competition law.

The CEIPI's Research Section is however aware of the transformation of the economy and society and has decided to consider and incorporate it in its research. The evolution of our society towards an increasingly immaterial society implies that indepth research be undertaken notably on new areas such as software, domain names, databases, on the designation « multimedia work » and on technology valorisation. Some members of the department are also interested in the implications of the implementation of intellectual property rights in publicity rights and especially in the right to control ones own image, the right to privacy and the protection of personal data.

An interdisciplinary approach has also been introduced in the Research Section's main research interests. Team members pay close attention to economic and sociological problems directly linked to intellectual property. Questions that emerge through the implementation of intellectual property rights concerning legal philosophy and fundamental freedoms are also part of the main research interests of the CEIPI's Research Department.

However, the research team's members focus essentially on the construction of the European and international Framework of intellectual property. Consequently, most of the consulting services and the studies of the Department deal with European Union, international and comparative law concerning intellectual property. In addission, the CEIPI's Research Department constantly observes the activities of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.