Executive IP management days long distance learning programme

"Digital Business Models and IP Risk Management", Sixth edition of CEIPI’s Executive IP Management Days, 20 November 2020

This long distance learning programme, that will take place on 20 November 2020, is dedicated to train IP management executives in industry and institutions. Since 2006 the MIPLM program educates IP management skills to IP experts from all over the world. There is a growing and devel­oping best practice in business orientated IP management.

The workshops aim to provide insight into industry specific aspects of IP strategy development, practical issues in systematic synthetic invention, IP protection of perceived customer benefits and sustainable organizational change in companies.

The workshop program is mainly addressed to IP professionals, but it is also open for graduate students who are interested in these topics.

The framework is designed for inspired discussions and networking.

Enrolment is open. Dowload below:

Please, make sure to rename your documents with your name first (e.g.: Smith-Agreement ; Smith_resume,...).

For further information, ip_management[at]ceipi.edu or Mr. Thibaud Lelong for questions related to the academic content of the program, thibaud.lelong[at]ceipi.edu.