University diploma "Patent Litigation in Europe" hybrid training

The University Diploma "Patent Litigation in Europe" 2023-2024 - 21st edition takes place in hybrid mode. It means that the participants are able to follow all the courses remotely, however  some modules take place on site in Strasbourg, in order to stimulate the networking amongst all attendees.


The University Diploma "Patent Litigation in Europe", organised by CEIPI, is a professional training programme for patent professionals wishing to deepen and update their knowledge in comparative and regional patent law and patent litigation.

With a distinctly international and European profile (in speakers and participants), the CEIPI diploma offers an immersion in the systemic aspects and the most recent practices in patent litigation.

The University Diploma Patent Litigation in Europe has been co-founded by the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi).

Participants can be:

  • Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPO) with experience before the EPO Boards of Appeal and/or national patent litigation courts (as representatives of parties, experts or private or court-appointed judges).
  • attorneys-at-law or academics with proven knowledge and experience in patent law.

Participants who do not fulfil these conditions may be accepted on the basis of a proven track record of expertise in the field of patent drafting and/or litigation.

Language of instruction: English

Click on the image below to download the general 2023-2024 program.


A good knowledge of the European Patent Convention and related issues by the participants is a prerequisite.

Application and admission

The programme has been adapted to meet the requirements of the draft curriculum of the European Patent Litigator’s Certificate. It will therefore be of particular interest to patent attorneys wishing to become European patent litigators.

The assessment for the diploma will take the form of an oral presentation of a case study before a jury as well as a written multiple-choice examination. Candidates scoring an average grade of 10/20 or above will be admitted.

Examination success rate:

Session 2017-2018 = 100%

Session 2018-2019 = 100%

Session 2019-2020 = 100%

Session 2020-2021 = 100%

Submission of applications is done from the platform eCandidat (University of Strasbourg): see the section "Information and registration".

Educational objectives

The purpose of this course is to provide training in the event of litigation relating to European patents. In this context, the participants will be able to acquire in-depth knowledge:

  • patent litigation procedures in Europe
  • of the forthcoming centralised procedure before the Unified Patent Court (JUB)
  • related rules of procedure (RoP)
  • and pleading before the Unified Patent Jurisdiction

Patent litigation relating to infringement and validity is at the core of the diploma, but the programme goes beyond that and covers other relevant topics. These include competition law, alternative dispute resolution and private international law. Other related intellectual property titles, including supplementary protection certificates, are also given special treatment. The objective is to present both traditional topics relevant to patent litigation, such as remedies and damages, as well as contextual aspects affecting patent litigation. This training is limited to patents and does not cover other areas of intellectual property.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the training, participants will be able to :

  • advise their clients on the enforcement and defence of European patents
  • represent the parties before the UPC when the it comes into force (if they have previously obtained the EQE and are authorised representatives).


The content of the CEIPI course corresponds to the draft curriculum of the European Patent Litigation Certificate (Rules on the European Patent Litigation Certificate and other Appropriate Qualifications pursuant to Article 48(2) of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court). The course covers all fundamental European laws and conventions relevant to patent litigation. A diploma from the University of Strasbourg is awarded to participants who have passed both the final examinations (Diplôme d'études supérieures sur le Contentieux des brevets en Europe).

  • Module 1 - 13-14 October 2023: European Law, private international law and patents (I)
  • Module 2 - 17-18 November 2023: European Law, private international law and patents (II)
  • Module 3 - 08-09 December 2023: Patent litigation and competition, SPCs and global patent litigation strategies
  • Module 4 - 12-13 January 2024: European patent enforcement (I): Evidence and preservation of evidence
  • Module 5 - 02-03 February 2024: European patent enforcement (II): injunctions and damages
  • Module 6 - 23-24 February 2024: The Unified Patent Court: functioning and litigation (I)
  • Written exam (online) - 16 March 2024
  • Module 7 - 22-23 March 2024: The Unified Patent Court: functioning and litigation (II)
  • Module 8 - 19-20 April 2024: The Unified Patent Court: functioning and litigation (III)
  • Module 9 - 24-25 May 2024: Mock trial - Oral exam (on site)

Speakers: The courses are delivered by experts from different Member States and are entirely in English. The speakers are judges, practitioners and academics.

Teaching methods

Presentations, seminars, round tables, practical cases, group work, preparation of a mock trial.

Course material

Teaching and reading material is made available on the internal online platform of the training.

Type of training and certification

Students following this training  and succeeding in the exams shall obtain the "University Diploma of Higher Studies in Patent Litigation in Europe".

After each module, participants have access to online surveys allowing them to evaluate the speaker, the course content as well as the relevance of the teaching materials and tools used.


There is one exam session per academic year consisting of an oral exam and a written exam.

Oral Exam - Students work on a case study for them to defend it before a jury composed of teachers and speakers. This defence shall include an oral presentation by the candidate and/or the working group in which they have actively participated, followed where necessary by a discussion.

A grade out of 20 will be given for both the case study and its defence. Candidates with a score of 10/20 or higher will be admitted.

Written Exam – A written exam in the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire is submitted to the students.

A grade out of 20 will be given for the written exam. Candidates with a score of 10/20 or higher will be admitted.

Registration fees

4.020€ (no VAT applicable)


The training consists of nine modules of two days each. It takes place from October to June, one Friday and Saturday per month.


Fridays 9am to 6pm CET and Saturdays 8:30am to 4:30pm CET (indicative)


Hybrid: on site in Strasbourg as well as remotely.

Heads of studies

Emmanuel Gougé

Director of the Diploma in Patent Litigation in Europe
Member of the Paris Bar and Solicitor of England and Wales
Partner at Pinsent Masons

Franck Macrez

Co-Director of the Diploma in Patent Litigation in Europe
Associate Professor at CEIPI, Director of the Research Department of the CEIPI

Insider Perspectives


Participants' best quotes

“ I thoroughly  enjoyed the opportunity to take this course and learn about the UPC with such a great group of patent professionals from around Europe. It provided me with a solid basis to build upon when the UCP enters into force.

Erin Becker, European Patent Attorney, Dörries Franck-Molnia & Pohlman

“A structured and extemely useful introduction to litigation in major European jurisdictions, inlcuding UPC. The high-end lectures come from academia, in-house, law firms and courts so that topics are presented and discussed from all relevant angles.

Lars Sparre Conrad, Chief Patent Specialist Global IP Litigation, H. Lundbeck A/S

“Very rich program which provides you with a complete view of Patent Litigation accross Europe as well as in-depth knowledge of the UPCA. In addition, the practical exam (Mock trial) ends up being one of the best experiences and educational tools I have ever been involved in. Definitely a « must » for anyone willing to prepare himself for the unitary Patent and the UPC.

Dámaso Gallardo, IP Consultant, Clarke + Modet

“The course made you think like an « attorney of the world ». If you would like to break down the complex litigation procedures in Europe and the UPC, you should definitely attend. Thank you .

Konstantina Koriatopoulou, European Patent Attorney, Lytis

“Excellent course, perfectly organised also in hybrid format, with high-level speakers providing their knowledge on patent litigation procedures in Europe and the forthcoming United Patent Court. The perfect training to learn and practice about UPCA and Rules of Procedure, especially in participating in a mock trial“.

Guy Patton, member of board of Appeal, European Patent Office

“A very high quality training, with for example valuable insights from those who drafted the rules of the UPC, or national judges.

Mathilde Rauline, Head of Greater Europe Patent Litigation, Sanofi

“This training has provided a good knowledge in patent infringement matters at the international level. The lecturers were well-versed judges and attorneys who were involved in the process of UPC and hence they conveyed a good understanding of the UPC logic. The mock trial which was held by judges experienced in patent litigation gave an excellent insight into the proceedings before the UPC. I strongly recommend the training to all interested European Patent Attorneys.”

Karl Riether, IP Counsel, Bruker Biospin GmbH

“The quality of the speakers, the fantastic mock trial and the overall open atmosphere during all classes are just some of the reasons for which signing up for this course was completely worth it. Well done to everyone involve in organizing this course!”

Andrei Lucian Stefan, Team Manager Patent Examiner, European Patent Office

This training provides an holistic overview about current patent litigation procedures in Europe and the forthcoming centralized procedure before the Unified Patent Court, and further offers the unique opportunity to experience pleading before the Unified patent Jurisdiction in a mock trial.

 “The CEIPI diploma is the perfect gateway towards the representation before the UPC for European Patent Attorneys.

Excellent course! Provides a fuller picture, now with the UPCA coming into effect, of what one can expect, after the grant of an EP patent.

I would very much recommend this training.

Information and registration

Students must submit their application via the platform eCandidat.

Instructions for the eCandidat registration platform

Submission of applications for the academic year 2023/2024 is closed.

For any administrative or academic information, please send an email to: enrolment-litigation_22-23[at] or tel: +33 (0)3 68 85 80 27

Please note that you will not receive an answer regarding your enrollment to the diploma before the end of the application period which is in September.


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