1st October 2014: The Community plant variety system: Challenges and Opportunities

Round table organized in the context of the CEIPI series of lectures

The CEIPI and the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) organized a round table on October 1st 2014, on the topic “The Community plant variety system: Challenges and Opportunities".

On this occasion, the CEIPI and the CPVO signed a framework agreement in order to raise public awareness and knowledge about community plant variety rights, area of intellectual property sometimes neglected in the academic classical programs.

CEIPI is pleased to propose the presentations of the participants to this event

Click on the poster to download the programme.

Topic 1: The Community Plant Variety Protection System: An Overview of the Past and Future Perspectives

Topic 2: The European Case Law on Community Plant Variety Protection (Board of Appeal of the CPVO, Board of Appeal of the EPO, General Court, Court of Justice of the EU...)

Topic 3: Community Plant Variety Protection and European Patent Law: The Overlaps

Topic 4: Plant Variety Protection, Ethical Questions, and Food Security