Intellectual Property Law and International Business (alternating diploma)

Training system(s): Alternating (apprenticeship or professionalization contract)

Teaching language(s) : French

Teaching methods: Face-to-face teaching only


The aim of this program is to provide students with both academic and practical training that meets the needs of all intellectual property professionals, through in-depth instruction in common IP law (patents, trademarks, designs and models, copyright) and related law, with particular emphasis on the development of intellectual property rights and protection strategies.

The course will cover the legal mechanisms for reserving intellectual creations, enhancing their value and defending them in the event of infringement, through mastery of the procedural rules for defending intellectual property rights before both the offices and the courts.
The aim is to provide students with a global legal culture that will enable them to master the complexity of positive intellectual property law and its future developments. In particular, they will be trained to defend intellectual property rights and safeguard national, European and international distribution networks.

Students will master distribution contracts incorporating intellectual property rights, taking into account the economic stakes involved. They will be able to keep abreast of market developments (takeovers, mergers, new distribution networks, agreements, franchises, etc.).

This course is offered on a sandwich basis in the 2nd year of the Master's program.

Teaching program

Master 1 and Master 2 Teaching program (available only in French)


Recruitment criteria

Admission to this course is by application.

Admission to M1:
It presupposes an excellent level of undergraduate studies, assessed on the basis of the candidate's results in all subjects, as well as a sound legal culture. The candidate's course of study must be coherent, with satisfactory marks in fundamental subjects such as the law of obligations, commercial law, property law, special contract law and European Union law. Knowledge of intellectual property law, private international law and/or competition and distribution law is appreciated. A very good level of English (B2) is also required.

Admission to M2:

This course is open to students who have completed an M1 in "Private Law", "European Law", "International Law", "Comparative Law", "Business Law", "Intellectual Property" (or equivalent), or an M1 in Political Science.

Students must have completed the following subjects (or equivalent) during their studies: European business law, intellectual property and societal issues, alternative dispute resolution, law of obligations, property law, private international law, European Union law.
An excellent level of English (written, read and spoken) is required (B2 minimum).

An initial introduction to intellectual property law and/or study experience abroad would be an asset.

A work-study contract or a promise of work-study employment are also assets.  
Foreign students, whether or not they are nationals of the European Union, must meet conditions equivalent to those listed above, and provide proof of a C1 level in French.

Study arrangements

The course offers the following special arrangements, among those proposed here:

  • Exemption from attendance (by this we mean that the student is exempt from attendance at lessons and/or sporadically (TD/TP) depending on the constraints linked to certain activities, representations, competitions, obligations linked to mandates, convocations, etc.).
  • Authorization to study over two years: CEIPI's General Manager may authorize students to study over two years, on the recommendation of the degree coordinator and on production of supporting documents corresponding to the special regime.


Helping you succeed

The apprentice is both an employee of the company and a student at the university.
When the contract is signed, an apprentice master responsible for the apprentice's training at the company and an educational tutor responsible for the apprentice's training and support at the university are appointed.
At the company, a training plan specifies the tasks and missions entrusted to the apprentice, the skills to be acquired and the resources made available. A liaison booklet is set up to enable communication between the apprenticeship master, the educational tutor and the apprentice. The training tutor makes two visits to the company each year (1st and 2nd semesters).

Professional integration

The program includes a number of UEs dedicated to the development of professional and personal skills. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to reflect on their career plans, take part in professional activities (competitions, blogs, legal clinics, etc.) and complete internships in M1 (optional) and M2 (compulsory). One of the M2 courses is also open to sandwich courses.

During their training, students are in contact with a large number of professionals, themselves employers, who can provide them with all the information they need on career opportunities and the additional training they need to facilitate their integration. Students also take part in a conference on employability in intellectual property, which prepares them for a career by helping them acquire specific know-how and interpersonal skills. CEIPI also organizes an annual job fair to help students find internships and jobs. On this occasion, workshops are organized with practitioners to prepare for interviews. Some forty structures are approached each year, and over 200 interviews are organized.

Tous les étudiants du CEIPI participent aux colloques qui sont organisés par le laboratoire de recherche du CEIPI, ce qui les incitent à poursuivre leurs travaux de recherche qui se concrétisent par la rédaction d’un mémoire de recherche supervisé par un enseignant chercheur. Des bourses proposées par le CEIPI permettent aux étudiants de poursuivre leurs études doctorales. Les enseignants chercheurs encouragent certains étudiants à postuler au contrat doctoral.

Job offers in aternance

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