Summer’ize your IP!: CEIPI “Summer School on the Patent System in Europe”, 2024 edition

Past event
25 June 6 July 2024

Enrolmlent is open to the next edition of theCEIPI “Summer School on the Patent System in Europe”to be held in Strasbourg from 25 June to 6 July 2024.

Unique in Europe and in the world, this Summer School offers an intensive course of theoretical and practical training for both scientific and legal backgrounds. Participants will also be able to build on the knowledge acquired during the various workshops.

Prior to the start of the Summer School, participants will have access to pre-recorded lectures. These dynamic short videos aim to convey to participants the general principles and core concepts of intellectual property in Europe


  • 1 700 € early bird for all registrations until 17 May 2024
  • 1 900 € for all registrations from 18 May 2024

The deadline for enrolments is 7 June 2024