Seminar on Taxation of Patents, Inventions and Software

Past event
16 17 March 2023

The seminar on the Taxation of Patents, Inventions and Software will be held on 16 and 17 March 2023. 

This training program, entirely in french, is aim to the world of creative economies and high-tech professionals and entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, policy makers, judges and students.

The objectives of this training program are to:

  • to present the different tax regimes for patents, innovation and software and identify how they can complement each other ;
  • to present the impact of the tax mechanisms in the constitution of a portfolio of patent rights, inventions and software and its exploitation ;
  • to identify the financial and reporting obligations related to these exploitations;
  • to adapt the drafting of contracts in order to be able to control the tax implications;
  • to present the risks of tax adjustments and how to prevent them.

The courses will take place online ( Zoom).

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