CEIPI Conference "How harmonized is patent law in Europe ?"

Past event
11 12 October 2023
CEIPI, Bâtiment le CARDO and online (Zoom)

CEIPI is pleased to invite you to the conference "How harmonized is patent law in Europe ?". 

This event will take place on 11 and 12 October, in Strasbourg (CEIPI, Bâtiment le CARDO) and online (Zoom).

Registration is free but mandatory : https://sondagesv3.unistra.fr/index.php/193541?lang=en

The European patent system presents a dual asymmetry. Firstly, it functions independently of the European Union, maintaining a distinct legal framework, prompting questions regarding its alignment with Union law. Secondly, the European Patent Office grants patents following stringent examination criteria, but its interpretation of legislative texts may conflict with that of national courts, risking patent annulment during infringement cases. 

This duality creates legal ambiguity for companies, impacting both the feasibility of their patent applications and the valuation of awarded patents essential to their innovations. This uncertainty poses challenges to businesses operating within this framework.

The focal point of this conference is to address these pivotal and fundamental inquiries by employing a comparative approach that contrasts the diverse practices of the Office, applicants, and the case law of judicial courts across major European countries in the realm of patents.

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