Partenaires universitaires

EIPIN network

CEIPI is member of the EIPIN - European Intellectual Property Institutes Network which aim is to facilitate contacts and increase cooperation among IP institutions and students in Europe. EIPIN members are :

Every year the CEIPI chooses ten students from its various programs to participate in conferences of the EIPIN network. These conferences deal with current issues in intellectual property law. Participants also cooperate with students from other EIPIN centers to prepare joint projects concerning current issues related to the conferences. Furthermore, each year one of the institutes of the EIPIN network organizes an “EIPIN Doctoral Conference” in which doctoral students from the various centers are invited to present their thesis project and benefit from the comments of participating professors.

As of this year the EIPIN network has a new website containing the programs of preceding conferences. More complete information on the activities of the EIPIN network may be obtained at the following address:

You can download below the programmes of the conferences held in Strasbourg since 2008.