Cooperative agreements

CEIPI cooporates with the most important international and European bodies in the field of intellectual property as well as with many study and research centers in Europe and in the whole world.

CEIPI works closely for many years with the OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) and particularly with the african study center "Denis Ekani". The CEIPI participates with the OAPI, the WIPO and the University of Yaoundé II in Cameroon in the Master II (LLM) in Intellectual Property. Many CEIPI lecturers participate in this Programme Course.

When the European Patent Office was created in 1977, CEIPI was entrusted with the task of teaching European patent law to future specialists and agents working with the Office.The international section of CEIPI is in charge of these seminars. A memorandum of understanding between the EPO and the CEIPI was signed on June 1, 2012 concerning the co-operation in the training in European patent law.

In the perspective of the creation of a future European patent tribunal, CEIPI jointly with EPI (Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office) proposes a course specifically meant for European patent attorneys: the Course on Patent Litigation in Europe.

CEIPI collaborates with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) within the framework of the University Network Research whose task is to promote research works, particulary, papers written by students from Masters in intellectual property, in order to facilitate the research in the field of community trademarks and designs.

CEIPI has proposed it's expertise to the most important community institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe).

Study and research centers

CEIPI is member of the EIPIN (European Intellectual Property Institutes Network) which aim is to facilitate contacts and increase cooperation among IP institutions and students in Europe. EIPIN members are:

CEIPI developed a close partnership with the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (Munich) in particular within the framework of the Master 2 in Research.

A cooperation agreement was signed between CEIPI and the Faculty of Law of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia, on 19 June 2019, in order to be able to implement in particular joint research projects.

CEIPI offers a program in commun with the Technical University of Dresden, Law Faculty, in order to obtain the LL.M in Intellectual Property.

CEIPI signed a cooperation agreement with the Intellectual Property Rights University Center in Finland with the aim of setting up common programs (including preparatory seminars for the European Qualifying Examination - EQE), joint conferences, exchanges of researchers and students between the two centers.

CEIPI is present in Asia since the CEIPI and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in Wuhan, China, have been collaborating for several years. The CEIPI and the HUST develop both their collaboration on training in intellectual property law, as well as common research areas.

CEIPI also signed in 2016 a cooperation agreement with the International Intellectual Property Training Institute of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). The objective of the agreement is the training of KIPO’s agents within CEIPI, including the Summer School.

CEIPI is also present in South America since an exchange and co-operation agreement between the CEIPI and the CEIDIE (Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Intellectual Property – University of Buenos Aires Law Faculty) was signed on June 6, 2012 in order to facilitate an exchange of experience and knowledge concerning teaching and research in the intellectual property field.

CEIPI has also developed contacts in the United States in order to promote exchanges in the fields of patents, trademarks, copyright and technology transferts with the Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology, Akron University and with the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle. For years, this has been the backdrop to the seminar "Transnational Intellectual Property Law, Theory and Practice" which consisted of a series of conferences attended by members of the CEIPI research team.

A cooperation agreement has been concluded with the Faculty of Law of Tunis in order to facilitate the exchanges of teachers and students from the masters programmes of both universities.