Edouard Philippe promotion

Past event
3 November 2023
CEIPI Strasbourg

The CEIPI family has grown!

Mr Edouard Philippe has done us the honour of joining CEIPI as patron of the 2023/2024 graduating class.

Former Prime Minister and Mayor of Le Havre,  Mr Edouard Philippe came to CEIPI on November, 3rd to meet our students and share his professional and personal experiences  in a powerful speech, reminding us of the importance of intellectual property.

Through the excellence of his career and his commitment to the professionalisation of universities, he will help our students to achieve  professional success.

According to their sponsor, the students' success will depend on their boldness, perseverance and humility.
We  would like to express our deep gratitude to Mr Edouard Philippe for his generosity and availability. His patronage underlines our commitment to academic excellence and the future success of our students.