Projet CEIPI-BETA en Droit, Economie et Gestion de la Propriété Intellectuelle

In January 2013, the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) and the Office of Theoretical and Applied Economics (BETA) have jointly launched a research initiative in law and economics of intellectual property. The project intends to mobilize research teams in both centers in order to develop joint research on the topic of :

"The strategic role of IP and the necessary (re)construction of intellectual property law in a new economic, technological and social environment."

The principle avenues of research are:

a) Open innovation, licensing and monetization of IP
b) Strategic use and articulation of intellectual property rights and
c) IP enforcement,

The broader scope of the project also includes:

d) Author’s rights and the economics of the Internet and
e) Determinants of optimal patenting strategies for businesses.

The objectives of this initiative are threefold.  Firstly, to develop research capacities and expertise in law and economics of IP at the University of Strasbourg.  Secondly, to contribute to international interdisciplinary collaboration in this field.  And finally, to provide a unique forum for a law and economics approach to intellectual property in France and Europe.

Project implementation

Implementation of the project is foreseen to occur in three different formats described below.

1. Research and informal collaboration

Monthly informal workshops will help develop common vocabulary, provide opportunities to communicate across disciplines, and become familiar with approaches to specific topics from law and economics perspective. They will also help expose research interests and potential common research topics on the law and economics sides.  The informal workshops are open to master2 students and PhD candidates, as well as junior and senior faculty members interested in exploring the research domain of law an economics, establishing interdisciplinary research partnerships, and presenting their ongoing work in this area.  Also, researchers with specific research projects or with the intention to pursue their research in law and economics are invited

Interfaculty Workshops in Law and Economics of IP

The next workshop in law and economics of IP will take place on:

  • June 10, 2014 (Tuesday) at 12:00 (midday) at the PEGE (61 avenue de la Fôret Noire), in the Salle Ehud (room n° 104).

For an overview of past workshops, access the workshop webpage here.

2.  CEIPI-BETA Seminars series on law and economics of IP, with invited guest speakers

The objective is to create a forum for renowned experts in the field of law and economics to share their research insights and expertise. The seminars, open to the public, will also be an opportunity for exchange not only between the distinct fields of legal and economic research but also between practitioners and academics from related fields.

The Seminars will be announced both on the CEIPI and BETA websites.

3. International Conference

An international conference in law and economics is foreseen in the framework of this project.  Details will be provided in due course.

The project is supported by the University of Strasbourg Foundation and funded by the generous gift of Air Liquide.

Law and Economics approach to intellectual property

While at the beginning the law and economics approach occupied a niche dominated by economists dealing with limited questions raised by legal principles, it is currently a recognized domain of research.  The precursors of this approach are American scholars, notably Posner, Coase, Calabresi, Landes, Melamed, Epstein, North, and Demsetz.

Currently, there is a thriving literature in this domain and one can distinguish three main approaches, namely the Chicago School L&E, (New)Institutional L&E, and Behavioral L&E.

For a selection of introductory reading in law and economics of intellectual property consult the following :