Publication of the latest CEIPI Conference Proceedings

The CEIPI is pleased to announce the release of two new publications in its new collection dedicated to Conference Proceedings.

Resulting from a web conference organized by the CEIPI's Research Laboratory in April 2021, "Quel degré d’harmonisation du droit des brevets en Europe" presents a comparative approach between the practices for assessing the conditions of patentability of the European Patent Office and French judicial jurisprudence.
Highlighting the divergences and convergences of practices and interpretations of legal texts relating to the patentability of inventions, this book pays tribute to a study conducted on the same subject by Professor Pollaud-Dulian nearly twenty-five years ago, making necessary an update of knowledge on the eve of the entry into force of the agreement on the Unified Patent Jurisdiction.

The original Intellectual Property and Pop Culture Conferences organized by the CEIPI since 2018 mark the renewal of our research, which is keen on new objects, new questions and new answers.

With this third edition entitled "Propriété intellectuelle et Pop Culture – Le retour", the CEIPI has chosen to democratize a subject that the Law has been slow to grasp, so surprising can the subject be! By confronting the world of pop culture with the mechanisms of intellectual property law - its objects of protection, its models of protection in the face of infringements of creators' rights – the CEIPI reminds us that he is an actor in the Intellectual Property ecosystem, creative, innovative and that he knows how to evolve with relevance, in our time!

Both of this books are already available for pre-order from booksellers and on platforms but also at the CEIPI! To obtain a copy, do not hesitate to contact our Publishing Manager: caroline.ertz[at]