Opening of applications for the CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER Thesis Prize

The CEIPI and the Cabinet Vercken & Gaullier are pleased to announce the opening of applications for the CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER Thesis Prize, in the field of copyright and related rights.

This prize aims to distinguish a doctoral thesis constituting an important doctrinal contribution allowing a better understanding of the theoretical aspects and the practical issues of the subject treated. Organized every two years, the prize consists in the publication of the winning thesis in the CEIPI thesis sub-collection, “CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER Thesis Prize”.

The CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER Thesis Prize arose from the observation of the immense interest for practitioners to consult theses as part of their practice and corresponds to a deep involvement of the partners in supporting research and contributing to knowledge and to the dissemination of French doctrine.

The terms and conditions of the CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER Thesis Prize are as follows:

  • PhD thesis defended between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2022 and presenting an innovative character and an interest in practice.
  • Theme: “copyright and neighboring rights”

The application file will include:

  • a personal letter of application from the candidate;
  • the candidate’s CV;
  • the official summary of the thesis;
  • the report of the thesis jury;
  • the full version of the thesis;

The application file must be sent in digital and paper format in two copies to the following addresses:

For the digital format:

For the paper format:
Cabinet Vercken & Gaullier
14 rue Seguier
75006 Paris

The deadline for submitting applications: 31 January 2023. The thesis will be selected by a jury made up of members of Cabinet Vercken & Gaullier and CEIPI.