CEIPI launches its first podcast: R2PI

CEIPI is pleased to announce the launch of the R2PI podcast.

R2PI is a podcast in the area of intellectual property, supported by CEIPI and created by its members. With a variety of content, offered in six different formats, come and practice your intellectual property law in an enjoyable and dynamic way.

Addressed to all those who are sensitive to an IP tune, the podcast is animated by a team composed of both qualified research professors and PhD students. Whether through an interview or in a debate, R2PI's ambition is to welcome all professionals who know how to talk about intellectual property.

Resolutely modern, didactic and scientific, R2PI intends to enter the era of intellectual property to present differently the many problems sometimes quickly forgotten.

The whole team invites you to follow us and, who knows, to join us!

The first episode of R2PI "The fight against counterfeiting" is already available.
In this one, we welcome 3 experts from different backgrounds, engaged in the fight against the scourge of counterfeiting. Between the responsibility of influencers, social networks, and the importance of awareness, nothing escapes our guests!

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