A call to the CEIPI community!

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This year, CEIPI celebrates 60 years of excellence, innovation and sharing in the field of intellectual property. To mark this significant milestone, we'd like to bring together the memories and experiences that have shaped our Center over the decades.

And who better than the CEIPI family to help us retrace its history?

We therefore invite you to share your personal archives with us, including photographs and videos that reflect your experience at CEIPI. Whether it's a photo of your graduating class, a milestone event, or simply a moment of life captured in the halls of CEIPI, every item you share will contribute significantly to enriching our project!

Wherever possible, we ask that your files be in high definition, and accompanied by a date, the context of the shot, and the names of the people appearing in them.

Your contributions can be sent by e-mail to: 60ansceipi[at]ceipi.edu

We thank you in advance for your valuable collaboration!