Creation of the CEIPI/VERCKEN & GAULLIER thesis prize

CEIPI and the law firm Vercken & Gaullier are pleased and proud to announce the creation of the CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER Thesis Prize in the field of copyright and related rights.

The purpose of this prize is to distinguish a doctoral thesis representing an important doctrinal contribution to a better understanding of the theoretical aspects and practical stakes of the field in question. It is organised every two years and consists in the publication of the winning thesis in the CEIPI's thesis sub-collection, in a new sub-collection called "CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER Thesis Award".*

The CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER Thesis Prize was born out of the immense interest for practitioners to consult theses in the context of their practice. It also corresponds to the deep involvement of the partners in supporting research and contributing to the knowledge and dissemination of French doctrine.

For the first edition of the CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER Thesis Prize, the prize is awarded to the following thesis:

"Awareness of creation and copyright" (« Conscience de la création et droit d’auteur »)

Noémie Enser.