Enrolment for the "IP Business Administration" University Diploma and Certified course - Academic year 2022-2023 (distance learning)

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The "IP Business Administration course" is dedicated to train specialists (attorneys and lawyers specialized in intellectual property) and non-specialists in intellectual property such as marketing experts, project managers, entrepreneurs as well as any person interested in the role of intellectual property in companies and its daily practice.

In addition to the fact that this new course adresses to non-specialists, it is offering basic training courses in the management of intellectual property and can be potentially a "preparation" for the Master of Intellectual Property Law and Management (MIPLM).

University Diploma:

  • Enrolment is open for the Acacemic year 2022-2023 until December 15, 2022. You will find all the information and registration details on our dedicated page.

Certified course:

  • Download on our dedicated page the registration documents for modules 1 to 5 for the academic year 2022-2023.