International workshop “Copyright and the Public Interest” organized by Monash University (Australia) and hosted by CEIPI


From June 30 to July 1, 2014, a group of international researchers will meet at CEIPI in the context of an innovative project concerning the question “What would Global Copyright Law Look Like if its Purpose Was the Public Interest?” If we could set aside obligations under present treatises and the underlying interests and develop new copyright law that takes into account new technology, its use and its creators, what would it resemble?

The concept of “public interest” is elusive and difficult to define. The project aims at giving more weight to this concept in the context of copyright law and to gather together positive as well as provocative proposals concerning existence, formalities, rights, obligations, implementation and many other elements.

Led by Dr Rebecca Giblin, Senior Lecturer at Monash University, the group includes Kimberlee Weatherall (Associate Professor, University of Sydney, co-author), Christophe Geiger (Associate Professor, Director General of CEIPI, University of Strasbourg), Professor R. Anthony Reese (University of California, Irvine), Professor Martin R.F. Senftleben (VU University of Amsterdam), Dev Gangjee (Associate Professor, Oxford University), Caroline Ncube (Associate Professor, University of Cape Town) and Jeremy de Beer (Associate Professor, University of Ottawa). 

Mr. Christophe Geiger, Director General of CEIPI, will present a paper on « Copyright as an Access Right ».

You can download the program below.

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