29 February 2016: CEIPI-BETA Conference “Property Rules, Liability Rules, and the Public Interest in Patent Remedies” by Dan Burk

February 29, 2016
5 rue Schiller, Strasbourg

The CEIPI & Beta Project in Law and Economics of Intellectual Property is pleased to announce the 18th CEIPI&BETA workshop, delivered by Professor Dan L. Burk, next Monday 29 February, 5 pm, at Schiller. The workshop, titled "Property Rules, Liability Rules, and the Public Interest in Patent Remedies" will address the relationship between intellectual property enforcement and the public interest. Professor Burk introductory conference will open the discussion animated by economists and legal scholars on the close relationship between the public interest and intellectual property enforcement. Whether the European and the American views differ in this regard -in particular in light of the US consideration of the “public interest” as an independent criterion when awarding injunctions- will also be part of the discussion.

Professor Dan L. Burk is Chancellor’s Professor of Law at the University of California, Irvine, where he is a founding member of the law faculty. An internationally prominent authority on issues related to high technology, he lectures, teaches, and writes in the areas of patent, copyright, electronic commerce, and biotechnology law. He is the author of numerous papers on the legal and societal impact of new technologies, including articles on Internet regulation, on the structure of the patent system, and on the economic analysis of intellectual property law.

This joint research project at the University of Strasbourg brings together lawyers and economists to formulate a common methodology and scientific output on a broad range of IP related issues. Directed by Prof. Christophe Geiger, Director General at CEIPI, and Prof. Julien Pénin, Associate Director at BETA (Bureau of Theoretical and Applied Economics), it is inter alia implemented through workshops and under the coordination of Xavier Seuba, Senior Lecturer and Researcher; Academic Coordinator and Judicial Training Manager at CEIPI.

You can download below an article written by Dan Burk entitled "Intellectual Property in the Cathedral".

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