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Cramming Course C in Munich

For candidates who will sit the EQE 2015

The CEIPI offers now on a trial basis, for Paper C - Opposition, a further opportunity to candidates wishing to improve their skills in respect of this paper. To that end, CEIPI will organise a so-called "Cramming Course", in which candidates put themselves under examination conditions and write a full paper C within the same time as available in the examination.

The Centre for International Intellectual Properties Studies (CEIPI) has developed this concept over the pas years for the French-speaking candidates and considers itself successful in providing candidates with a set of courses adapted to the EQE, increasing their chances of success. Over the past years there has been a notable increase in the pass rate of the French-speaking candidates in Paper C, and CEIPI considers it worth the effort to find out wether the concept also works on a larger scale, for the candidates of the other official language sections.

The course is open only for candidates who have enrolled for the EQE 2015 for Paper C and have followed either a preceding "Introductory ("Pre-Prep") Course" Paper C, or a recent preceding "Preparatory Seminar" Paper C, or both.

It is of no use to come to this course insufficiently prepared, one is either holding up the other candidates or the place will be too fast.

For English and German-speaking candidates, the cramming course C will take place in Munich.

Please note that early enrolment is advisable.


From Thursday, 29 to Friday, 30 January, 2015 (1.5 days).

To the enrolment form.

You can apply via : preparationEQE@ceipi.edu

For further information

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