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The ambition of CEIPI is to gather the best skills in the field of intellectual property, within the University of Strasbourg, in order to face the challenges of a developping "society of knowledge". Every year, we thus provide a training for countless specialists in France (several hundred jurists and engineers), and abroad (since we teach courses to over 2000 IP professionals in 41 European cities). Our state-of-the-art research expertise helps shaping legal standards that reflect the social and economic changes of our world. Our professors are all highly accomplished in their specialties and in their teaching profession, whether it be in France, in Europe or even in the rest of the world. Hence, our outstanding faculty, our choicest academic resources and a 50-year experience have earned CEIPI the reputation of one of the most prominent European teaching and research center in the field of intellectual property.

Christophe Geiger - Director general

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Centre d'Études Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle