European qualifying examination ( EQE ) 2017

For the European Qualifying Examination 2017, CEIPI offers a complete range of high-quality exam preparation courses in a number of different cities in Europe, from Autumn 2016 to January 2017. All these courses use proprietary high-quality material.

CEIPI has developed this program over the past years and considers itself succesful in providing candidates with a set of courses adapted to the EQE, increasing their chances of success. Statistics based on the feedback of successful French speaking candidates show that their chance of succes - after following such a program - is in the order of 70 - 80%, i.e. significantly higher than the average success rate.

For the EQE pre-examination and papers A+B, C and D of the main examination, the CEIPI offers the following training courses :

Pre-examination :

Papers A+B :

Paper C :

Paper D :


The CEIPI courses preparing for the EQE 2017 are complementary to the ASPI training: the respective course calendars have been fixed in order to enable French speaking candidates to attend both trainings. ASPI and CEIPI propose different mock exam papers in their courses.