Overview 2020-2021

Preparation for the European qualifying examination ( EQE )

As part of the Euro-CEIPI collaboration with the European Patent Academy, CEIPI offers a complete range of courses preparing for the European qualifying examination 2021. We offer training modules varying in length from one day courses to five-day seminars, organized in a number of different cities in Europe. These courses, which all use proprietary high-quality material, take place from September 2020 to January 2021. CEIPI considers itself successful in providing candidates with a set of courses adapted to the EQE, increasing their chances of success. Statistics based on the feedback of successful French speaking candidates show that their chance of success - after following such a program - is in the order of 70 - 80%, i.e. significantly higher than the average success rate.

Our training offer consists of the following courses:

EPO pre-examination:

EPO main examination:

Papers A+B:

Paper C:

Paper D:

The CEIPI courses preparing for the EQE 2020 are complementary to the ASPI training: the respective course calendars have been fixed in order to enable French speaking candidates to attend both trainings. ASPI and CEIPI propose different mock exam papers in their courses.

The CEIPI offers special attractive “package” prices for candidates simultaneously enrolling for the complete range of courses preparing for one or more papers of the EQE.