Basic training in European Patent Law


The basic training provides future practitioners in the patent field with systematic and complete tuition on the legal basis as well as on practice in the area of European patent law. For many years now, CEIPI and epi have been jointly organizing a basic training in European patent law, principally aimed at future certified European Patent Attorneys.

The coordinator of the basic training is M. Thierry Debled, Director of the International Section of CEIPI and Associate Professor.

Ms. Cynthia Jehl is in charge of the administration of the basic training. She closely cooperates with the local course coordinators.


The basic training is designed both to facilitate preparation for the European Qualifying Examination and to accompany the practice of the profession: future practitioners should commence the course as soon as possible after joining a patent firm or the patent department of a company.

However, it is expressly recalled that the basic course can in no way be substituted for additional preparation for the European Qualifying Examination, but seeks rather to ensure acquisition of fundamental knowledge of European patent law and of its independent links with other systems at international level.


The basic course usually lasts two years (except for a few intensive two-semester courses) and starts either in Autumn or at the beginning of the calendar year.

The courses usually consist of twenty sessions per year, of about three hours each, held at the end of the day, during which the topics and cases previously studied by the participants are discussed; questions are also answered and advice necessary for the following parts of the course is given. The success of the "tutorial" depends on the active co-operation of the candidates, through their own contributions and studies of the case-law.


Every year the study guide is revised and adapted in function of the evolution of the law, case law and examination.

The list of topics to be covered encompasses the whole European patent law and qualifying examination syllabus and indicates the reference material to be used. The following topics are dealt with:

  • Substantive Law: General introduction, Introduction to European patent law, Patentability, Right to a European patent, Rights conferred by a European patent and application, The European patent and application as objects of property, Information from the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • Procedural Law: Procedure, Revocation and national rights, Community Patent Convention and other agreements

Several courses offer complementary activities, such as a visit to the Federal Court in Karlsruhe, the participation in oral proceedings at the European Patent Office, mock trials, courses on particular topics such as claim drafting, etc.


The tutors of the CEIPI International Section are mainly European Patent Attorneys (working for the industry or within patent firms recognized for their expertise in the field of Intellectual property) but can also be agents from the European Patent Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization or yet recognized experts in the field of Intellectual Property (Academics, magistrates or lawyers for example), from various nationalities and profiles. The diversity of their origins reflects the European and multidisciplinary character of the training.

During their annual two-day meetings in Strasbourg, the tutors exchange experience and work together on setting up methods designed to develop the most efficient possible training.


Forthcoming courses will open if there are at least six persons wishing to attend.

The annual fee is € 1 600 per year (Early bird: € 1 500 if registration before June 30th 2019 included for the courses starting in September/October 2019 or before November 30th 2019 included for the courses starting in 2020).

The enrolment fee for the intensive two-semester courses is € 3200 (please see Early bird).

Enrolment deadline:

  • for the courses starting in September or October 2019: 12.07.2019 (Early bird: 30 June 2019)
  • for the courses starting early 2020: 13.12.2019 (Early bird: 30 November 2019)

Contact person

For further information, please contact:

Cynthia JEHL

CEIPI Section Internationale
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