Basic training in European Patent Law

The basic course provides future practitioners in the patent field with systematic and complete tuition on the legal basis as well as on practice in the area of European patent law. For many years now, CEIPI and epi have been jointly organising a basic European patent law training course, principally aimed at future cerfified EPO agents.

The coordinator of the basic training is M. Thierry Debled, Director of the international section of CEIPI and Associate Professor.

Ms Alexia Philipp is in charge of the administration of the basic training. She closely cooperates with the local course coordinators.

Currently, about 400 participants are attending 36 courses organized in the following cities:

Carte de l'Europe

The courses in italics are held in English.

AT : Vienna
BE : Antwerp, Brussels
CH : Basel, Lausanne, Zurich
CZ : Prague
DE : Aachen, Berlin, Köln, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Munich,  Stuttgart, Ulm
DK : Copenhagen
ES : Madrid, Barcelona
FI : Helsinki
FR : Lyon, Paris
: London, Manchester
HU : Budapest
IE : Dublin
IT : Milan, Rome
LV : Riga
NL : The Hague
PL : Krakow
PT : Lisbon
RO : Bucharest
SE : Stockholm
SI : Ljubljana
TR : Istanbul

The courses in italics are held in English.

Please find below some examples of current course programs:


This basic course is designed both to facilitate preparation for the European qualifying examination and to accompany the practice of the profession: future practitioners should commence the course as soon as possible after joining a certified agent's consultancy or a patent service.


The course makes demands on the sense of initiative of the participants, who are led and actively supported by the local tutors. These are experienced European patent law practitioners.

The basic training in European Patent Law, jointly prepared by the epi and CEIPI and organized by CEIPI, usually lasts two years (except the intensive one-year courses in Paris and Riga) and starts either in Autumn or at the beginning of the year.

However, the list of topics addressed now makes it possible to enroll in most of the classes even after the first year.

The courses usually consist of twenty sessions per year, of about three hours each, held at the end of the day, during which the topics and cases previously studied by the participants are discussed; questions are also answered and advice necessary for the following parts of the course is given. The success of the "tutorial" depends on the active co-operation of the candidates, through their own contributions and studies of the case-law.

A detailed list of topics bearing on all the fields covered by European law and the European qualifying examination, completed cross-references to the specialized literature to be consulted, gives the basic orientation of this course. A set of working documents as well as publications and other documentation are also placed at the disposal of participants. Tutors regularly receive circular letters and additional material.

During their annual two-day meetings in Strasbourg, the tutors exchange experience and work together on setting up methods designed to develop the most efficient possible training.

Once the introductory course is completed, the candidates are expected to perfect their knowledge and prepare the European qualifying examination on an autonomous basis. To this end specialised classes are offered, such as the epi programme and preparatory sessions, the training programme for the European qualifying examination, organized by CEIPI, as well as various courses organized at national level (see seminars).

It is expressly recalled that the basic course can in no way be substituted for additional preparation for the qualifying examination, but seeks rather to ensure acquisition of fundamental knowledge of European patent law and of its independent links with other systems at international level.


Forthcoming courses will open if there are at least six persons wishing to attend.

The annual fee is € 1 500, i.e. a total amount of € 3000 for the two year courses. The enrolment fee for the intensive one-year courses in Paris, Riga and Cracow is € 3000.


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For further information, please contact:

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