Visiting program for foreign researchers within CEIPI Research Department

The Research Department of CEIPI was created in 2006 and it’s directed since 2009 by Christophe Geiger, Professor at the University of Strasbourg and Director General of CEIPI. It is composed of 48 members, among which 30 are PhD candidates in the field of IP.

Its activities include publications, participation in European and international projects and the organization of academic events, legal workshops and conferences, consultancy and expertise for decision-makers, supervising doctoral thesis.

The center cooperates with numerous centres of excellence in the field of IP research (EIPIN network; Max Planck Institute in Munich; Technical University in Dresden; Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje; Oxford University - Oxford Intellectual Property Research Center; University of Huazhong - Chinese-German Institute for Intellectual Property; Intellectual Property Academy of Singapore; University of Washington - Center for Advanced Study and Research on Intellectual Property; Case Western Reserve University School of Law - Spangenberg Center for Law, Technology & the Arts; NYU School of Law; University of Buenos Aires). The Research Department participates also in the organization of the research oriented “Master of Laws European and International Intellectual Property Law”.

The Research Department opened starting from the 2015/2016 academic year a new visiting program for foreign researchers. The researchers will have the opportunity to interact with academics from the center and participate in numerous academic activities: conferences, seminars, roundtables, etc. The center will provide a working space and access to specialized libraries. Accommodation could be organized upon request in residences managed by the University of Strasbourg (

The program is open to researchers working in the field of intellectual property law, who benefit from a funding:

- national government scholarships
- Marie Curie fellowships
- Fulbright fellowships
- other scholarships
- Financed sabbaticals from their home universities.

The length of stay will be between few weeks and 1 year maximum (in case of a staying in the framework of the Marie Curie fellowships, a longer period may be considered).

Two deadlines for applications:

• 1st January 2018 (for research visits starting on 1st March)
• 15 September 2018 (for research visits starting on 1st November).

In the framework of this program, visiting researchers are invited to participate to the center's research environment (e.g. to teach in one of the CEIPI’s masters, to propose a seminar to present the research topic, to write articles jointly with the members of the Research Department or other activities…).

The applications including:

- application form
- detailed CV
- cover letter
- description of the research project (max. 3 pages)
- publication list
- proof of funding, must be sent to: (copy to

Click to access the application form.