University Diploma "Patent Litigation in Europe" 2020-2021 - 18th edition (hybrid training)

Latest news

10 September 2020: COVID-19. Given the still uncertain context regarding the evolution of the health situation and the possible travel bans that could result, the first three modules (16-17 October, 13-14 November and 11-12 December) will take place exclusively remotely. We will re-establish the principle of on-site courses (in Strasbourg) once the situation has stabilised.

21 July 2020 : The Centre d'Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle is pleased to announce that Emmanuel Gougé, Attorney at Law at the Paris Bar and Solicitor of England and Wales, partner at Pinsent Masons, has been appointed Director of the University Diploma in European Patent Litigation, which he jointly directs with Franck Macrez, Associate Professor at CEIPI. For more information, please click here.

Intended audience

leaflet Patent Litigation in Europe

The University Diploma "Patent Litigation in Europe", organised by CEIPI, is a professional training programme for patent professionals wishing to deepen and update their knowledge in comparative and regional patent law and patent litigation.

With a distinctly international and European profile (in speakers and participants), the CEIPI diploma offers an immersion in the systemic aspects and the most recent practices in patent litigation.

Participants can be:

- Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPO) with experience before the EPO Boards of Appeal and/or national patent litigation courts (as representatives of parties, experts or private or court-appointed judges).

- attorneys-at-law or university attorneys with proven knowledge and experience in patent law.

- Participants who do not fulfil these conditions may be accepted on the basis of a proven track record of expertise in the field of patent drafting and/or litigation.


Language of instruction: English

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A good knowledge of the European Patent Convention and related issues by the participants is a prerequisite.

Access conditions / Admission procedures (diplomas)

The programme has been adapted to meet the requirements of the draft curriculum of the European Patent Litigator’s Certificate. It will therefore be of particular interest to patent attorneys wishing to become European patent litigators.

The assessment for the diploma will take the form of a written multiple-choice examination and an oral examination before a jury. Candidates scoring 10/20 or above will be admitted.

Examination pass rate:

Session 2017-2018 = 100%

Session 2018-2019 = 100%

Session 2019-2020 = 100%.

Pedagogical objectives

The purpose of this course is to provide training in the event of litigation relating to European patents. In this context, the participants will be able to acquire in-depth knowledge:

- patent litigation procedures in Europe

- of the forthcoming centralised procedure before the Unified Patent Court (JUB)

- related rules of procedure (RoP)

- and pleading before the Unified Patent Jurisdiction

Patent litigation relating to infringement and validity is at the core of the diploma, but the programme goes beyond that and covers other relevant topics. These include competition law, alternative dispute resolution and private international law. Other related intellectual property titles, including supplementary protection certificates, are also given special treatment. The objective is to present both traditional topics relevant to patent litigation, such as remedies and damages, as well as contextual aspects affecting patent litigation. This training is limited to patents and does not cover other areas of intellectual property.

Skills to be acquired

At the end of the training, participants will be able to :

- advise their clients on the enforcement and defence of European patents

- represent the parties before the UPC when the it comes into force (if they have previously obtained the EQE and are authorised representatives).

Structure and content

The content of the CEIPI course corresponds to the draft curriculum of the European Patent Litigation Certificate (Rules on the European Patent Litigation Certificate and other Appropriate Qualifications pursuant to Article 48(2) of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court). The course covers all fundamental European laws and conventions relevant to patent litigation. A diploma from the University of Strasbourg is awarded to participants who have passed the final test (Diplôme d'études supérieures sur le Contentieux des brevets en Europe).

  • Module 1: introduction into Law, including main aspects of European law, private law and private international law impacting on patent litigation.
  • Module 2: European Union Law and Patents, and SPCs
  • Module 3: Patent litigation, competition and border enforcement
  • Module 4: European patent enforcement (I): Evidence and preservation of evidence
  • Module 5: European patent enforcement (II): injunctions and damages
  • Module 6: The Unified Patent Court: functioning and litigation (I)
  • Module 7: The Unified Patent Court: functioning and litigation (II)
  • Module 8: Litigation stakeholders and mock trial
  • Module 9: Last conferences and written exam

Duration : The DU consists of eight modules of two days each, and a three-day seminar. It takes place from October to June, one Friday and Saturday per month, in Strasbourg.

Timetable (indicative) : Fridays 09:00-18:00 and Saturdays 08:30-16:30.

Course calendar 2020-2021

  • Module 1: 16-17 October 2020
  • Module 2: 13-14 November 2020
  • Module 3: 11-12 December 2020
  • Module 4: 15-16 January 2021
  • Module 5: 19-20 February 2021
  • Module 6: 19-20 March 2021
  • Module 7: 16-17 April 2021
  • Module 8: 27-28-29 May 2021
  • Module 9: 11 June 2021


The courses are delivered by experts from different Member States and are entirely in English. The speakers are judges, practitioners and academics.

Teaching methods

Presentations, seminars, round tables, practical cases, group work, preparation of a mock trial.

Venue : Strasbourg and distance learning

Price of the training course : 3 850 €

Infromation and registration

Please send the following documents by mail to in order to register : 

- the application form with required documents

- the registration document corresponding to your situation :

     * the agreement if you work abroad 

     * if you work in France and your company pays for the training: the "convention de formation professionnelle

     * if you work in France and you pay for your training yourself: the "contrat de formation professionnelle

For any other administrative or academic information, please send an email to :

Deadline for applications : 5 October 2020

Academic Direction

Emmanuel Gougé

Director of the Diploma in Patent Litigation in Europe

Member of the Paris Bar and Solicitor of England and Wales

Partner at Pinsent Masons

Franck Macrez

Co-Director of the Diploma in Patent Litigation in Europe

Associate Professor at CEIPI