A new volume published in CEIPI’s collection “Trade-related international intellectual property law: the TRIPs Agreement, assessment and perspectives”, edited by Prof. Christophe Geiger


help me write a thesis statement The CEIPI is happy to announce the publication in August 2017 of the volume “ term papers custom Trade-related international intellectual property law: the TRIPs Agreement, assessment and perspectives”, thesis statement help edited by Professor click Christophe Geiger, Director General and Director of the Research Department of CEIPI, LexisNexis, CEIPI’s Collection no 65 (2017).

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http://crime-prevention-intl.org/?education=research-paper-help-sites&9c4=be Concluded in 1994 as an outcome of the Uruguay round of multilateral trade negotiations, the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) has now entered its third decade. As a central instrument in international IP law, it has brought a significant level of convergence among legislations as well as a new understanding of intellectual property rights protection, and thus has had a major influence on the development of this area of law. However, since it came into force, the Agreement has given rise to controversies and divergent interpretations, reaching well beyond specialised IP circles. In this collective publication, the CEIPI Research Department wishes to offer a cross-sectional analysis of the Agreement, its background, implementations, interpretations given by the WTO dispute settlement body, and various doctrinal perspectives. Thus, the preamble of the agreement and its general provisions, the sections concerning intellectual property law as well as the section on the implementation of rights are examined on various levels in light of the new challenges and perspectives, thereby touching on current issues in IP law.

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source Contributors to the book include: Paulin Edou-Edou, Christophe Geiger, Daniel Gervais, Carlos Correa, Luc Desaunettes, Séverine Dusollier, Yann Basire, Norbert Olszak, Natalia Kapyrina, Michel Vivant, Théo Hassler, Jacques De Werra, Joanna Schmidt-Szalewski, Caroline Rodà and Xavier Seuba.

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