Enrolment to the Master of Laws 2 in Industrial Property, Academic year 2017-2018


This European Master's program is intended for scientists and engineers who wish to expand their knowledge of industrial property law and who are already graduates of the CEIPI diploma “Patents”. Its ultimate objective is to qualify experienced IP professionals, French and/or European Patent representatives or representatives with national offices outside Europe, to broaden their legal knowledge as required by the evolution of careers in intellectual property and the rise of new professions and new specializations in companies and law firms in the field of intellectual property.

This Master addresses practitioners who are graduates of the CEIPI program “Patents” (semesters 1 and 2 of the first year), graduates of the CEIPI program “Trademarks / Industrial Designs” or of the program “Patent Litigation in Europe” (semester 4). Candidates for the “Masters degree in Industrial Property” (semester 3) that are not graduates of either of the programs of semester 4, may register for the “Masters degree in Industrial Property” (semester 3), provided that they obtain one of the diplomas of semester 4. Moreover, candidates must be representatives with a national office or the European Patent Office and have four years of experience as a representative.

Enrolment for the academic year 2017-2018 is open until early December 2017.

Download below the time schedule and the enrolment forms.

For further information, please contact Valérie Cotineau (valerie.cotineau@ceipi.edu).