27 January 2014: Research seminars of the CEIPI Research Department


The CEIPI organizes seminars as part of its research activity under the responsibility of Stéphanie Carre, Associate Professor at the CEIPI and the University of Strasbourg. The sessions are open to faculty, doctoral students and graduates of the doctoral program of the CEIPI.

These events will permit the members of the research department and Phds to meet and to debate on intellectual property issues. The objective of these seminars is to stimulate and create synergies among researchers from the institute.

The next seminar will take place on Monday, January 27.

Professor Dr. Xiang YU, Huazhong of the University of Science & Technology, Director of the Office of International Affairs HUST, School of Management, Director of Chinese-German Institute for Intellectual Property and visiting Professor at CEIPI will speak about his research project he led during his conducted while he was in Strasbourg: “IP Sharing and Technology Transfer in Promoting China-EU/EEA Cooperative CCS Project”

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