13 January 2014: Award ceremony of the publication in honour of Professor Joanna Schmidt-Szalewski “Le droit de la propriété intellectuelle dans un monde globalisé” (“Intellectual Property Law in a Globalized World”)


“Intellectual Property Law in a Globalized World”, a Collection of Essays Honouring Professor Joanna Schmidt-Szalewski, was recently published in the CEIPI series, edited by Christophe Geiger and Caroline Rodà. It brings together contributions concerning intellectual property law, a field of study that goes beyond national limits and must be thought of in a European and international framework.

The award ceremony of the Publication was organised at the Faculty of Law, University of Strasbourg, on Monday, January 13, 2014 at 5 p.m. in the presence of Joanna Schmidt-Szalewski, certain contributors, former colleagues and many of her freinds.

On this occasion Christian Mestre, Dean of the Law Faculty of Strasbourg, Christophe Geiger, General Director of the CEIPI and Caroline Rodà, lawyer, honoured professor Schmidt by retracing her career and praising her dedicated involvement in the CEIPI.

Professor Joanna Schmidt Szalewski with some members of the CEIPI Research Department (from left to right, Laure Marino, Franck Macrez, Céline Meyrueis, Christophe Geiger and Stéphanie Carre).