Publication in the CEIPI Collection: "The contribution of case-law to the construction of the intellectual property in Europe"


The CEIPI and its Research department are pleased to inform you about the publication of a new volume in the CEIPI collection (Lexis-Nexis-Litec Edition) edited by Christophe Geiger, Director General of the CEIPI entitled:

"The contribution of case-law to the construction of the intellectual property in Europe".

The elaboration of European Intellectual Property Law is a work in progress. The Courts of the European Union, as well as the Boards of Appeal of the various European and Community Offices, are increasingly being asked to interpret different concepts of European law. Thereby, they contribute substantially to defining the contours of this emerging legal framework and are thus an important channel for harmonization. However, the guidelines provided by judges are not always clear, making it sometimes difficult to understand the exact scope of European Intellectual Property Legislation.

The aim of this collective work is to attempt an analysis of such case-law and to highlight its contribution to the European construction of copyright law, design law, trademark law (especially with regard to keywords advertising), patent law (in particular concerning the notion of patentable invention), plant varieties protection, geographical indications, and enforcement of intellectual property rights. The increased use of competition law and of fundamental rights in EU case-law in the field of intellectual property will also be addressed.

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