Forthcoming first EIPIN Series publication, “Constructing European Intellectual Property: Achievements and New Perspectives”, edited by Christophe Geiger, Director General of CEIPI


This book, being the first in the European Intellectual Property Institutes Network (EIPIN) series, offers a comprehensive assessment of the current state of intellectual property legislation in Europe and gives direction on how an improved system might be achieved.

The EIPIN series is edited by Manuel Desantes Real, Josef Drexl, Christophe Geiger and Guido Westkamp.

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The publication (Edward Elgar Publishing) is scheduled for September 2012.

Contributors include: C. Archambeau, R. D’Erme, E. Derclaye, T. Dreier, S. Dusollier, G.E. Evans, C. Geiger, J. Griffiths, H. Grosse Ruse-Khan, C. Heinze, P. B. Hugenholtz, T. Jaeger, A. Kamperman Sanders, J. Krauss, A. Kur, R. Lutz, R. Matulionyte, L. McDonagh, A. Metzger, T. Mylly, J. Raynard, M. Ricolfi, J. Schovsbo, V. Scordamaglia, M. Senftleben, X. Seuba, U. Suthersanen, T. Takenaka, G. Van Overwalle, M. Vivant.

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