21 March 2011: Workshop - APRAM / CEIPI / University of Liège: Towards an « overprotection » of well-known trademarks?


The CEIPI, in conjunction with the University of Liège, is organizing the annual APRAM / Universities workshop on March 21, 2011 : "Towards an « overprotection » of well-known trademarks?"

The perimiter of protection of well-known trademarks has a tendancy to increase - through, amongst other measures, new functions attributed to the mark by the Court of Justice of the European Union. This half-day workshop will examine whether such protection is compatible with freedom of competition and freedom of expression. It will also study, through an approach based on comparative law (Europe-US), how this increasing perimiter of protection takes effect and whether it is justified.

Christophe Geiger, Associate Professor, Director General and Director of the CEIPI Research Department, Yves Reboul, Professor at the University of Strasbourg and former Director General of the CEIPI, Adrien Bouvel, Associate Professor at the CEIPI and Barton Beebe, Professor at the New York University (NYU) School of Law (U.S.A.) and Visiting Professor at the CEIPI will participate to this event.

The workshop is to be held in the "Maison des Arts et Métiers" in Paris. A program may be obtained below. Please note that the meeting is open only to members of the APRAM as well as to students of the CEIPI and the University of Liège (students, however, must register).