09 November 2020: Cycle of online seminars during lockdown in France


In order to maintain the link with our communities of students, alumni and the world of intellectual property during this new phase of lockdown, the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) and the Association of Professional Masters of CEIPI (AMP CEIPI) organise two cycles of online seminars "Law and Pop Culture" and "Comparative Intellectual Property Law". The seminars will take place every Tuesday and Thursday during the months of November and December. While Tuesday's sessions will be devoted to "Law and pop culture", Thursday's sessions will focus on "Comparative intellectual property law".

The programme, as well as the registration (free of charge) links for each session, will be progressively published on CEIPI's social networks: LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube

The registration is done separately for each seminar and will be systematically closed on the day of the seminar at 15:00 CET. The sessions will take place via Zoom (registered participants will receive a link to log in) and will also be broadcast in real time via the AMP CEIPI Facebook account. The recordings of the seminars will be published later on CEIPI's Youtube channel. Most of the sessions will be in French, but there will also be some in English.

You will find below the provisional schedule of sessions:

Cycle of seminars "Law and pop culture".

Every Tuesday evening from 5pm to 7pm CET.

  • 10 November 2020: "Game of thrones: a legal journey through the lands of Westeros", presentation of the book "Du droit dans game of thrones" by Mare & Martin.

Programme and registration available on this link: https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/game-of-thrones-voyage-juridique-sur-les-terres-de-westeros-tickets-127995783835

  • 17 November: “From CEIPI with love”. A look back at the "James Bond and the Law" seminar organised in Poitiers on 20 October 2020

    Programme and registration available on this link:   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/128845872473

  • 24 November: Presentation of the book "Du droit dans Disney" (Law in Disney) - coll. Mare & Martin.
  • 1st December: A look back at the series of lectures on “Law and Pop Culture”, organised at the Caen Faculty of Law (Watchmen, Black Mirror and Handmaid's tale).

Cycle of seminars on "Comparative intellectual property law".

Every Thursday evening from 5pm to 7pm CET

  • 5 November 2020: "Discovering intellectual property in Brazil"

Programme: https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/a-la-decouverte-de-la-propriete-intellectuelle-au-bresil-tickets-127618559547

  • 12 November: "Intellectual Property in Argentina"

Programme and registration: https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/a-la-decouverte-de-la-propriete-intellectuelle-en-argentine-tickets-128411691827

  • 19 November: "Intellectual property in the OAPI region"
  • 26 November: "Intellectual Property in North America (United States, Canada)".