30 April 2020: Definite cancellation of the European Qualifying Examination 2020


The Supervisory Board of the European Qualifying Examination has published its decision of April 20, 2020 to definitely cancel the EQE 2020 (pre-examination and main examination for papers A, B, C and D). The next EQE will be held in 2021.

Candidates who had enrolled for 2020 main examination papers will be considered to be enrolled for those papers in 2021. The respective fees will be carried over to 2021.

 With regard to the cancellation of the pre-examination 2020, the Supervisory Board of the EQE informs that « pursuant to Article 3(1) REE, anyone who so wishes will be allowed to enrol for the 2021 main examination, provided that the conditions laid down in Article 11 REE are fulfilled ».

Since, pursuant to the decision of the Supervisory Board, such a pre-exam was (and will not be) held in 2020, it can be inferred that any candidate who so wishes can enrol to papers A, B, C and D of the EQE without having to fulfil the condition of having obtained a pass grade to the preliminary examination.  

For the new candidates who were not enrolled to the EQE 2020, applications for the EQE main examination 2021 shall be submitted to the EPO from May 4, 2020, until August 17, 2020.

The CEIPI is offering preparation courses for the EQE 2021 (pre-examination and papers A, B, C and D of the main examination). Enrolment for these courses is open. Further information about our training offer and the enrolment documents is available on our website : http://www.ceipi.edu/en/training-in-european-patent-law-and-preparation-for-the-eqe-eqf/preparation-for-the-eqe/overview-2020-2021/

The CEIPI will also offer Refresher courses for candidates having enrolled for the EQE main examination 2020, in order to support them in their exam preparation for 2021. The corresponding course offer will soon be available on our website.