09 September 2020: CEIPI University Diploma “Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property” – academic year 2020/2021: ONLINE!


CEIPI is pleased to announce the second edition of the University Diploma in "Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property" will take place entirely online.

The recent development of artificial intelligence applications has had a significant – and often fundamental - impact on a vast array of legal fields. Intellectual property rights have not been spared. From the development of algorithms that create musical or graphical works to the advent of automated processes that produce novel technical artefacts, from novel forms of infringements to the delicate issue of datasets management, the growing presence of these new algorithmic intermediaries challenges the whole gamut of IP rights.

Still, rare are the lawyers that possess sufficient expertise to accommodate in earnest these new algorithmic modalities. The present training has a dual objective: the first one is to endow legal professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the articulation between AI creations and IP rights, while the second is to provide them with a bespoke technical understanding of these objects.

The university diploma “Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property / Intelligence artificielle et Propriété intellectuelle” aims at addressing the specific demands of practitioners in the field of intellectual property rights. Indeed, while many training courses are being offered on digital technology and law, none of them focuses on the novel and unique challenges posed by artificial intelligence in the field of intellectual property rights. In order to understand and master the issues of protection of these new types of creation, their utility for the enforcement of rights, as well as their technical and economic environment, a dedicated training seems essential.

Another – rather unique - specificity of the present training is to offer an entire module dedicated to computer technology (Module 1: What is AI? Technical introduction and demystification). This module aims at bringing the legal professional up to speed with the latest developments in the field of AI and includes practical work and hands-on applications on coding, AI algorithms and data structures.

This combined approach brings a definite added value with respect to other teachings in France and Europe. Thus, at the end of the training, participants will be able to benefit not only from in-depth knowledge in artificial intelligence law, but also in computer technology.

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