19 June 2019: CEIPI advanced one-day training program on Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge and Culture, Strasbourg


Much has been written about traditional or Indigenous knowledge, its nature, its value, the desire to access that knowledge and the need for its protection. Traditional knowledge and culture have also been the subject of considerable international debate and law-making to ensure protection and access on mutually agreed terms with the communities that hold such knowledge and cultural expressions, including the establishment of benefit-sharing arrangements.

Intertwined with this debate has been the impact of the role of Indigenous or traditional knowledge which is not protected under conventional intellectual property regimes. This has led to significant investigation by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), revealing the variety of mechanisms that nations have engaged to protect traditional and Indigenous knowledge and has led to the ongoing development of draft provisions for their protection.

This one-day advanced training program considers the nature of traditional knowledge and culture and the development of strategies for protection. It includes an overview of the international treaty framework and explores the concerns of Indigenous peoples such as appropriation of Indigenous arts and culture, language, spirituality, biodiversity, biotechnology, medicinal knowledge, film and music. Participants are also introduced to comparisons with protection regimes in nations such as Australia, China and India.

  • Module 1: Nature and definitions of Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Module 2: The international treaty framework
  • Module 3: Preservation, Protection and Benefit Sharing
  • Module 4: Comparative legal frameworks

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The training will be taught in English.

Venue: University of Strasbourg (limited number of seats)

Schedule: 9-12 and 14-17, two coffee breaks and refreshments included

Registration: The registration fees for this training are 500 euros. The training is free for students of the University of Strasbourg.

 Registration documents:

Please send your document to Ms Stéphanie Strasser, / stephanie.strasser@ceipi.edu in order to register.

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