17 October 2018: Ceremony in honor of Professor Yves Reboul


On 17 October 2018, the Alumni Association of the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (AACEIPI) and CEIPI had the privilege of organizing a ceremony in honor of Professor Yves Reboul, Emeritus Professor at the University of Strasbourg, who step down his position as Director of the French section of CEIPI on 01 September 2018.

The exceptional dedication of Professor Reboul at the head of the French section and all his efforts for the development of the center, for which he has worked unrest for more than 40 years, was recognized and praised by CEIPI’s academics and other personalities present at the ceremony, which brought him a moving tribute: Benoît Battistelli, President of the CEIPI Administrative Board and former President of the European Patent Office (EPO), Professor Christophe Geiger, Director General and Director of the Research Department of CEIPI, Yann Basire, Associate Professor and Director of the French Section of CEIPI, Céline Meyrueis, Associate Professor and Director of Studies at CEIPI and Jérôme Sujkowski, President of AACEIPI.

Yves Reboul, Benoît Battistelli, Christophe Geiger and Jérôme Sujkowski