17 October 2018: Conference “Patent Law in France and in Europe”, Paris, co-organised by CEIPI


The Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) of the University of Strasbourg is organizing, in partnership with the Institute Stanislas de Boufflers and the Association of Alumni of CEIPI (AACEIPI), the conference “Patent Law in France and in Europe”, to take place on 17 October 2018, in Paris (Cabinet August & Debouzy), under the scientific supervision of Matthieu Dhenne and Lionel Vial, President and Vice President of the Institut Stanislas de Boufflers and Prof. Christophe Geiger, Director General and Director of the CEIPI Research Department.

The purpose of this conference is to discuss the recent developments in patent law jurisprudence that raise many questions about the courts' understanding of the subject. The ratification by France of the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court also aims to renew the perspective for patent litigators. These new questions are therefore opportunities to benefit from the clarification brought by specialists in the field and to debate.

The conference will be followed by the graduation ceremony of the CEIPI Masters 2 students, academic year 2017/2018.

For more information and registration: julien.brosse@institutboufflers.org (http://www.institutboufflers.org/). 

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