09 OCtober 2018: Conference “Intellectual Property and Pop Culture: New Challenges and strategic issues?”


The Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) of the University of Strasbourg and the Association of Young Academics Specialized in Intellectual Property (les JUSPI) organize the conference “Intellectual Property and Pop Culture: New Challenges and strategic issues?”. The conference will take place on 9 October 2018, in Strasbourg at the Palais Universitaire, Room Pasteur and will be held under the scientific direction of Mr. Yann Basire, Associate Professor at CEIPI, Director of the French section of CEIPI.

This conference will bring to the center of the debate a topic of study often neglected by the legal practitioners: the pop culture. Major issue of the current cultural economy, the pop culture questions the law and, more particularly, intellectual property. This event, which will focus on three area of research, will try to shed light on the new challenges and strategic issues that intellectual property must face in this field.

This event is validated in the framework of the continuing vocational training for lawyers and industrial property attorneys.

Click here to download the program and here for the practical information.