11 OCtober 2018: Book Launch and Presentation “Reconciling Copyright with Cumulative Creativity: the Third Paradigm”, by Giancarlo Frosio


The CEIPI launched in May 2018 of a new series of publications entitled “CEIPI Studies in Intellectual Property” published by the leading international academic and professional publisher, Edward Elgar.

Under the scientific direction of Prof. Christophe Geiger, Director General and Director of Research Department of CEIPI, the series aims to provide high-quality monographs and edited volumes connected to the work of the center, and dedicated to innovative research across the entire spectrum of themes in intellectual property law and policy.

The first volume of the series is the book of Giancarlo Frosio, Senior Researcher and Lecturer at CEIPI “Reconciling Copyright with Cumulative Creativity: The Third Paradigm”, published in May 2018.

The volume examines the long history of creativity, from cave art to digital remix, in order to demonstrate a consistent disparity between the traditional cumulative mechanics of creativity and modern copyright policies. This ground-breaking work will appeal to all of those interested in both the history and future of creativity and copyright.

In this context, a presentation of this new collection and of Giancarlo Frosio’s book is scheduled on 11 October 2018 during a research seminar to take place at 18h00, building Escarpe, amphitheatre 23.

For further information,click here for an abstract of the book.

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