24-25 May 2018: 29th European tutors’ meeting of the CEIPI in Strasbourg


On 24 and 25 May 2018, the CEIPI is organizing its 29th annual European tutors’ meeting in Strasbourg. About 70 specialists in European Patent law, coming from several European countries, as well as representatives of the European Patent Academy (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) are attending this meeting to share their experience and to attend various presentations on European patent law, the Unified Patent Court and the PCT.

During the meeting, Derk Visser, European patent attorney and author of « The annotated European Patent Convention », will give his appreciated annual presentation on recent EPO case law. Christine Bonvallet, senior legal officer at the PCT Division of WIPO, will present recent PCT updates. One further highlight of the meeting consists of two presentations on the Unified Patent Court: Sam Granata, judge at the Court of Appeal of Antwerp, will give a speech on order to preserve evidence and order for inspection in the context of the UPC, whereas Beate Schmidt, president of the German Federal Patent Court, will present the interaction between the legally and technically qualified judges of the UPC.

As usual, the meeting will also give the opportunity to the participants to informally exchange their experience on the occasion of cultural and culinary events.

Download below the program of this event.