14 May 2018: Seminar by Professor Allan Rocha de Souza on the topic: "Copyright Limitations in Brazil: recent court developments"


The CEIPI will have the pleasure to welcome Professor Allan Rocha de Souza on May the 14th from 5 pm for a seminar on "Copyright Limitations in Brazil: recent court developments". The seminar will take place at the 5 rue Schiller.

With regards to the limited number of places, the interested person must send an email to Anna Lawrynowicz-Drewek (alawrynowicz@ceipi.edu).

Copyright Limitations in Brazil: recent court developments: The progressive constitutionalization of private law in Brazil has effectively casted a new light on the framing and solution of the disputed issues within the Copyright and IP systems. Considered under a Human Rights framework the limitations and exceptions to copyright (L&E) are understood as expressing the balancing and harmonization between authors' and other fundamental rights and, for this same reason, as decided by the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice, the L&E shall not be read as restrict only to the situations expressly stated in the legislation. Follow-up decisions and recent legislative changes in the broader legal system have strengthened this position, ensuring the existence of an intrinsic openness and flexibility to the L&E. This offers us a chance to discuss the extent of such flexibility and openness in the light of the international instruments as well as to challenge the civil law and author's rights tradition that claims an exhaustive list to be the best or only solution for the L&E.

Short CV: Allan Rocha de Souza is a Professor of Civil and Intellectual Property Law at UFRRJ/ITR Law School and the Graduate Program on Public Policy and Development, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (PPED/UFRJ), Brazil. Researcher and vice-coordinator of the Proprietas National Institute of Science and Technology (INCT Proprietas). The primary study interests in copyright are on limitations and exceptions as well as contracts and collective management; from a comparative, cultural and human rights perspective. Also researches on property and knowledge systems.